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Jun 02

Rights of a Disabled Veteran

Fernando Gaud is Darren Aquino’s uncle and a disabled veteran. Uncle Fernando, as we lovingly call him, suffers from mental illness due to a brain aneurysm. When he takes his medication is he coherent, mild mannered, a total gentleman. He was an amazing musician and artist. Unfortunately, he has been in the company of persons …

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May 24

The Seasons of Emma


A very unique children’s book written by Darren Aquino, about a special little girl. The book was inspired by Darren Aquino’s childhood. See how Emma overcomes her disability. The story hopes to spread disabilities awareness. Please take a look at the link below:

Feb 24

Fire at the premises of Advocates for Disabled Americans, Veterans, Police, Firemen & Families

To all of you that follow our posts and those of you that we have been able to assist, please note that there was a fire at our premises on January 17, 2019, located at 574 Junard Blvd., West Hempstead, NY 11552. As most of you know, we are a unique organization, all of our …

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Dec 03


The founding and strength for Advocates for Disabled was inspired by President Reagan and President Herbert Walker Bush. He was the continued hope for me, the national chief and founder of this civil rights organization. President Reagan gave him hope, President Bush solidifed my belief in the greatness of this country. It was an honor …

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Oct 02


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android —– Forwarded Message —– Subject: Check out the new look of’s TA Materials page! We have revamped our Technical Assistance Materials webpage on to make it more organized and user friendly. Materials are now arranged by the relevant Title of the ADA as well as by subject …

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Sep 23

Onur Topac Heading to Help Those Effected by the Hurricane in Jacksonville NC

            Onur Topac and his team, Topac Enterprises and Battle Born Kustoms is heading out to help those effected by the hurricane. He calls it JAX TO JAX. He is going from Jacksonville ,FLA to Jacksonville, North Carolina.His whole family, wife and children are helping, as you can see from …

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Apr 14

The Seasons of Emma, a Unique Children’s by Darren Aquino

THE SEASONS OF EMMA- WRITTEN BY DARREN AQUINO, ILLUSTRATED BY SIHAR AQUINO. A very unique children’s book about a little  girl with special needs . In this book Darren shares Emma’s challenges, but, more importantly, shares her victories and her perseverance. We hope that with this book, we can spread awareness regarding disabilities. We hope …

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Jan 14

Cover up At The Forward School located in the Bronx

The Forward school located in the Bronx, NY, has been trying to cover up the lack of adequate classroom staffing . Mr. Mitchell Ellingsen, a general ED teacher of over 22 years, was placed in an ICT classroom without any real support, assistance or coverage. The principal of the Forward school, Magdelena Neyra, ordered Mr. Ellingsen …

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Jul 27

Advocate & Actor, Darren Dione Aquino Decides to Run for Mayor

Darren Dione Aquino, after receiving many requests from disabled veterans, disabled americans, has decided to run for Mayor of  NYC in 2017. New York is fed up with the leadership of Mayor Di Blasio.  Crime is at an all time high, there is rallying in the streets, unrest….. Darren Aquino has a plan for NY …

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Jul 16

Department of Justice-Updates to Service Dog Regulations

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section Link to PDF Version Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA  Many people with disabilities use a service animal in order to fully participate in everyday life. Dogs can be trained to perform many important tasks to assist people with disabilities, such as …

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