Oct 18

Abilities,Inc. at the Viscardi Center, a Treasure for the Disabled Population

We had the privilege of visiting ABILITIES, INC. at THE VISCARDI CENTER today, 10/17/12. This amazing organization founded by Henry Viscardi, jr., is a full service organization for children, adolescents, adults and seniors with disabilities. They truly empower individuals with disabilities to lead productive lives. They provide a wide variety of educational and vocational services. We don’t believe that there is another site of its kind, located in Albertson , NY, in Nassau County, this organization truly deserves much merit. We hope to collaborate with this organization that meets the needs of the disabled in such a fine manner.

We would like to thank their CEO, Mr. John Kemp, Ms. Michelle Hughes, Manager, Program Expansion & Marketing and Mr. Mark Turan, Executive Assoc., President’s Office for taking the time to meet with us today. A special thanks goes out to Michelle for arranging this meeting and Mark for the tour.  We truly look forward to collaborating with you….

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