Apr 10

ALL ISLAND TRANSPORTATION-A True Friend of the Disabled

We want to ACKNOWLEDGE, Lawrence Blessinger, Jr. He is the Vice President of ALL ISLAND TRANSPORTATION. Larry, is a true advocate for disabled. He has been a member since 2012, has been volunteering his services since 2011. As the VP of a very well run car service, serving all of Long Island, Larry knows all too well about the accessibility issues of the disabled. Larry is an innovator and is always trying to think of ways to enhance accessibility for the disabled. If you need car service folks, call ALL ISLAND TRANSPORTATION, they have become part of the ADA family. You will experience prompt and courteous service. And our disabled community, you will find that there are businesses that do care about our needs. Call ALL ISLAND at 516-326-9090. WE send out a heartfelt thanks to Larry and business owners like him that fight for our rights and protections.

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