Jan 13


To all our service men & women that require verification that you are in need of a service dog/companion, our national chief will be honored to absorb that cost of providing IDs and tags. Please do not note your disability online as this compromises your right to privacy and HIPAA. We have been getting so many posts regarding assistance with service dogs, whereby the veteran has noted his or her disability, that we felt we had to comment and send you the National Chief’s personal cell. Please call him and he will tell you what must be done. Darren’s number is 929-245-1151.

God Bless all of you that have served our country…


  1. Sihar

    We spoke on the phone, correct? It’s our honor to serve you, just waiting for your documents. You can call Darren Aquino, National Chief 929-245-1151.
    Thank you for your service

  2. Sihar

    Our apologies for the late reply. In order to have your dog with you all the time, you would need to have a physician’s letter stating that you have a disability and that your dog assists you with the disability. Your dog would have to perform specfic functions in assisting you. What we do is register the dogs, or I should say companions according to the handler/owner’s disability. If the owner handler has a qualified disability under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the companions are trained to assist the disabled owner with his or her disability, we can assist. The service companion must perform a very needed function. There really is no credible site for registration, unless the service dog was specifically trained at a certain facility. In most cases, they are not, but, if the handler has trained them to perform needed functions due to his or her disability, the dogs should be recognized as service companions. We are a national non and do not charge for our advocacy services, we exist via donations, grants and minimal fees for processing. we would need the description of your dog, the vaccinations certificate, letters from physicians stating that there is indeed a disability and that due to the disability, your dog is needed to be with you all the time, as well as a copy of your picture ID. Please also describe in detail how the dogs assist you with your disability, I read your email and you did give some information, however, we must know that your dog is providing a specific and constant function to assist with the disability.We will then be able to write a little stating that your dog is a service companion, and needs to be with you all the time. As per the DOJ, no one should ask you why you have service animals or what your disability is, they must respect your rights under the DOJ and the ADA. As mentioned earlier, once we receive all the documentation needed, we will provide you with a letter stating that your dog is a service companion, the registration number of the letter will be the last four digits of your social security number. We will also provide clip on tags. We do have a minimal fee for processing for the letter and clip on tags which is $ 50.00.

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