Jan 14

Cover up At The Forward School located in the Bronx

The Forward school located in the Bronx, NY, has been trying to cover up the lack of adequate classroom staffing . Mr. Mitchell Ellingsen, a general ED teacher of over 22 years, was placed in an ICT classroom without any real support, assistance or coverage. The principal of the Forward school, Magdelena Neyra, ordered Mr. Ellingsen to teach in this an ICT classroom, knowing that his expertise is in general ed and not special ed. Mr. Elingsen had ATRs in the classroom on an inconsistent basis. ATRS are teachers that are on a rotation schedule, working in different schools for different periods of time since the schools they worked in have been closed. Mr.Ellimgsen has been been a teacher for 22 and a half years, can retire in June 2018, with a full pension, however, he is being deemed ineffective and is being pushed out this year. The National Advocate for disabled and NYC Mayoral candidate, Darren Dione Aquino, will be advocating for this teacher, Mr. ELLINGSEN, who is being coerced out, has had no support

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