Wall of Shame

SHAME ON THE TOWN OF NORTH HEMPSTEAD-BUILDINGS DEPT. for abusing an elderly couple, for not honoring a disabled veteran, for not at all knowing about the rights of the disabled, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) put into law over 23 years ago. Please see our blog

Darren Dione Aquino,

National Chief Advocate for Disabled

Upholding the rights of the disabled is a right, not a choice.

A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out


DARREN DIONE AQUINO National Chief  Advocate for Disabled/and CEO



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    keep up the good that you do for disabled Americans we support u Studios U S A LAW & ORDER S.V.U Cast Crew

  2. John Glenn

    This has nothing to do with the above article I am looking for help anywhere. I am disabled and am about to be evicted in three days. I’ve done nothing wrong other then complain about the horrbile on going conditions and atrousity I’ve been living in for over six years which have been severely detrimental to my disabilities making them worse and becoming sicker.Very long horror story. Because I finally had a break down complained to many officials and sent nasty emails to the landlords after years of being polite. I am being evicted for no reason other then I am disabled I also have a mental disability and I am being stigmatized if not discriminated against because of that.I can’t walk sometimes nor use my extremities well and I have emphizima I don’t know what to do nor where to turn.. In three days my two cats and I are street bound. I am seeking information help anywhere I can.
    Thank You
    John Glenn

    1. Sihar

      Dear john,
      We have had no power. Just got it back on Sunday. Were you able to do the Order to Show Cause? Can you get in touch with us please, we are worried about you….

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  4. kacy

    This website has all the things my family has needed for a long time. Both myself and my 9 year old daughter have obvious physiical disabilities and we are hated because of the way we look by thevery people that are paid to help this includes doctors teachers case managers and even policee courts WE HAVE BEEN PHYSICALLY ABUSED EMOTIONALY AND VERBABLY AS WELL. my daughter singled out in school called horrible named sworn at lied to and about provoked and foorced to spend most of herschool days locked in a dark cement room my complaints ignored or i was blamed for the horrible cruelty of a community that hated us because we are different. i tried to protect my daughter by using our legal system i never saw so much blantant corruption . i was not even allowed to file criminAl chharged even w evidence of social security fraud by a entity and housind authority instead i was called a fool and labled mental by the locaal and state police iwas told i was a drain to society and i should by the a bus ticket and leave.

    1. Sihar

      We just tried calling the number you provided and no answer.

      1. Bradford

        Sihar: I am replying to your response to Kacy, above. I have known her for several years now. Her story is largely factual. I say “largely”, because Kacy does have some difficulty in writing her story, and that makes it difficult to understand exactly what she is alleging. Please be assured that she speaks the truth. I myself have witnessed some of what she relates, and also I know many of the people involved. i myself have filed paperwork on her bahalf with Federal District Court in Concord, NH, and also various NH Courts, including Keene District Circuit Court, Cheshire County Superior, and NH Supreme. Please understand that NH has a very corrupt and incompetent “good-old-boy” network running the Court system. Disabled persons such as Kacy are routinely used as pawns and bargaining chips in seeking taxpayer funding, and the rights of the disabled are routinely ignored, at best, and grossly violated, at worst. Kacy most certainly does have an actionable case, but she will have a hard time finding a lawyer willing to take that case. NH Legal Aid, Disability Rights Ctr., NH Bar, are all pathetic jokes when it comes to legal help for disabled persons. That truth I myself learned the hard way. I’m not exactly sure where/how this will be posted, so I am witholding personal information. Kacy wants me to contact “adaadvocates”, but I am unclear as to how best to do that. Please contact me by my provided email, and I will promptly reply. Thank-you.

        1. Sihar

          Thank you so much for your reply. We know all too well about corruption and would very much like to assist Kacie. I believe that she spoke to our para legal yesterday. We do need documentation from her to move ahead. You can reach us at siharaquino@yahoo.com. You can also reach us by calling 516-424-9616 or 516-301-6727. We will need your assistance to pull all the facts together.
          thanks again

          1. Kacy Christopher

            Please disregard the offensive 1st comment stated by Bradford Hutchingson concerning my “inability to write and state what I mean” as he seems to be the only person who has no idea, what I am writing about along with the large ego he carries, and his need to be always right. Other than that he appears to be a good friend but “no one is perfect” and I am far from it. My story is very complex and intense, sometimes I don’t know where to begin. My family has been tortured by the so called “system” in Keene NH, as well as the state of NH. My rights not just as a parent of 2 disabled children have been grossly violated, but my basic human fundamental rights have been taken away from me over and over from the state of NH because I am a single disabled mom. When I stepped up and reported the horrible treatment of my disabled daughter Jordan in the public school system, as well as other children in the school that were excluded, provoked, yelled at , teacher bullied, physically restrained, expelled, not allowed to use the bathroom, sworn at, forced into isolation rooms for the entire day, constantly “blamed” for their bad behavior. the constant use of fear ,force and control in the schools is deplorable, inhumane, if this is hard to understand than please let me know.
            The area agency “benefits coordinator” from Monadnock Developmental Service, is a social security representative payee for over 300 families mostly children. This agency receives millions of dollars in federal grants to defraud social security disability, being a close friend of JUDGE BURKE this psycho professional continues to steal she refused to provide basic needs money for food, heat, clothing. Sandra Metieiver uses “creative accounting “constantly refused to show a bank account, is very hateful and intimidating, she has no children, after she was confronted by myself and Bradford Hutchingson at the end of March 2012 she got so mad that if she had a gun or a weapon that day she would have used it, instead she used my daughter as her weapon and her “friends” at DCYF she wrote me a letter stating “I am incompenant “however she did not even know me or my daughter her only job was that of a representative payee which she failed. On 4/2/12 she sent a letter of resignation. On 4/12/12 during a DCYF hearing? she was there to testify against me . I was not allowed a lawyer or any legal counsel, JUDGE BURKE would not allow me to speak. I sat there for 2 hours being lied about, told that I was 100% disabled, the lawyers for DCYF blatantly lied, stating how “mental” I am. I was raped in a court without even finishing this hearing unread amendment were given to the Judge, he defended the principal of the school who went up to my daughter n 1/20/12 got in her face and “hi jerk”. I just was a few months out of having 32 hours of spine surgery which failed. My daughter Jordan was teacher bullied sworn at my family was called slow, mental, retarded, stupid, crazy, I am the freak that made the freak.
            My daughter was excluded, restrained, and placed in a cement room for the entire school day. She was not even allowed to use the bathroom. The staff would talk amongst themselves unaware that I was there stating “The Kacy family is a slow family ( mentally).” At the IEP meetings when I spoke about a “respite workers” that abused my daughter it “was “to much information” The school psychologist Jim Schofield pointed his finger at me to remind me ” you are disabled” so that was his way of telling me that what I said didn’t matter. My disabled 9 year old daughter was judicially kidnapped by Judge Burke and his “cronies” out of retaliation and discrimination for reporting the school, the area agency, the judge himself to the judiciary conduct committee, a joke.
            I had asked JUDGE BURKE to recuse himself when he refused to allow me to speak during a previous landlord issue where I was seeking a protective order. I was the plaintiff he refused my evidence, the landlord s tated “You can go to any police dept. or court in NH and you will lose” He defrauded me, harassed me and my daughter , criminally threatened my life called me a f—-king crippled freak stated my daughter was a pathetic monster, stalked me taking picture of me and my family without my knowledge and going to the police dept. and stating his insane story 1 being that” I was carrying around dead mice,” which is disgusting, he kept demanding the mice because he wanted to have the tested? A liar he just didn’t want any evidence that my family was forced to live with rodents. and I am the one with the “mental problem”. I took photos of the rodents and discarded them. The Keene police dept. labeled me as a person with a “mental issue, they refused to allow me to file criminal charged against this landlord, they called me a “fool” After they stole my daughter , I was locked out of my home all our possessions put on the front lawn with a free sign. There was nothing I could do. An entire community even my “church” did nothing to assist a vulnerable mom and her daughter. NO on cared what happened to us . No one cared if we lived or died, but they did care when they were caught committing inhumane crimes, He used his “friends ” in the police department to get me out of my apartment. I had no where to go. I almost died ending up in a ICU in a Manchester NH hospital with community acquired pneumonia because of the fraud, corruption and abuse I and my daughter have been put through in the city of Keene, and by State of NH. If my writing this is not understandable please let me know. I want to thank AZA, Darren, and John for contacting me about these matters. You are the 1st group of people that have even responded to all my reaching out. I have made formal complaints at the OIG, DOJ, the attorney general, disability rights committee, I went to a congressman, senators, the governor, human rights in NH and all have shown me the door. My daughter needs her mom and we seek justice. No human beings should ever be treated so badly by anyone and I will spend the rest of my life to help disabled children and families get what they need, I am mortified that this has been allowed to go on for so long. Thanks for all your attention, your prompt calls and listening ears, Sincerely, Kacy Christopher a devoted mom and a person of integrity and compassion for all.

      2. Sihar

        Thank you for reaching out. We have been in touch and have been collaborating with the appropriate parties.

  5. kacy

    continued we are exploited discriminated mocked and treated so badly i dont know who to turn to my only friend says i am a family without a country we need a advocate after i made formal complaints about the school my daughter was removed i also reported fraud then my home was taked i was just out of major spine surgery i was illegally locked out of my home i filed abuse charges with the court against the landlord the judge would not let me speak every motion denied. the same judge took my daughter nothing positive has come out of this my family needs an advocate and a friend or several most of this happened in nh it got so bad i am trying to restart in vt not far from ny. the last straw was when i was so sick because my home was stolen i was trying to drive to my doctor i was pulled over i hit the grid hours later after beinghumilitated gain i was charged w a dwi i had no sleep and did not eat for days i was forced to stand and i am unable to stand straight i live in horrific pain 2 days after i

  6. kacy

    i collapsed i had a 104 temp community aquired pneumonia i was put into the icu again this was the 3rd time in 1year i was in the icu. if you cant trust the police or the court to protect the vulenderable citizens than who can you trust .my daughter needs me and i need a miracle. where is god when you need him not around here. the only thing around here the the blatant hate of disabled children and the families. the lies lables are non stop i am called the freak that made a freak. 802 2758eight52

    1. Sihar

      Please provide us with more information and an explanation of how we can assist.

      1. kacy

        Hi and thankyou for responding. i left a cell number 802 275 8852. my e mail is strongspirit3436@gmail.com. my family which is myself and 9 yr old daughter are victims of hate crimes from the very people that were suppose to be supportive. we are hated due to our physical differences . my family is in need of advocacy support that is real and genuine myself and daughter need ahome and community were we will be safe and accepted. i had to leave my home city and state due to the blantant inhumane crulety discrimination and hate which became torture after i made formal complaints against the school a horriible abusive landlord and a area agency all involved in corruption fraud abuse even the dhhs cps and aps Just blamed me a mom trying to protect her child from the teacher bullying she received daily. i am tryingto get my daughter taking from my custody 10 days after i reported the school. i was not allowed a lawer or to even speak in a sham hearing. i am overwhelmed how this can happen in the us in keene nh.

  7. kacy


  8. kacy

    The horror continues in the 8th district court keene nh. Easter Seals keene nh abruptly refused to transport me to see my daughter forcing me to sign a paper stating i was not folling policy because i have difficulty w a seatbelt in a state w no seatbelt law. even w the extender i was sent more lame excuses were made. more lies denying me to be able to see my daughter. iam having much difficulty finding a apartment in vt. i was offered 1 but at the last minute denied because i smelled like a cigarette ? the tenants on the 1st floor are smokers what he really thought was i might fall and sue this owner is john secrest a local attorney. i contacted vermont greater indepent living met w a candace she refused to assist me in finding housing. i brifely shared a apartment with a single parent crystal waterman after she was giving most of my disability check she became very abusive screaming attacking me refused to allow me to eat food i paid for grabbing it out of my hand smashing the bowl witch hit me grabbed my

  9. kacy

    Continued bag threw it out the door screaming to beat the f out of me. i had to leave again w just the clothes on my back . this woman took total advantage of me. the state police were cold and distant. putney vt oct 4 2013. i can see now why people take the law into their own hands. i was able to have 1 week @ a motel after that? i dont even have the to live anywhere this needs to stop i will not survive. i am willing to go public with all this. for my daughter. i have been tortured by a broken bias corrupt society that has no integrity and is spiritually bankrupt. the power of love is always greater than hate. i love my daughter we need yr help we have nothing. even murders rapist and terrioist have more rights than my family. whats wrong w this picture?

  10. kacy christopher

    Hi, I hope you are all aw well as can be. I have had much communitation with AZA. She has been Told not to call Easter Seals, DCYF, in Keene, NH. Seals has denied me transportation forcing me to sign a document that i refused to comply with their “seat belt” Policy in a state that does not have a seat belt law. Even with a doctors note stating a extender belt is safe and a reeasonable accomidation they now state “they are not obligated to provide me with transportation.” I WAS forced to hitchhike from brattleboro vt to Keene nh for another round of bullying. hulimation, discrimination, by Judge Burke, dcyf attorney HOCKENMEYER. and Easter Seals. while my court appointed lawyer Mike Shklar sat quietly as i debated with Burke again. When you take everything from another, and discard a person like out the trash as my family has been repeatedly. then insist I ” move back to Keene or I will have to take even more from you, threating to terminate my parental rights and take MY DAUGHTER from me Forever?

  11. kacy christopher

    Continued My crime is blowing the whistlle about the torture of children w disibilities in public schools, My children. Catching the State area agency violating evey law regarding duties of a rep payee. Intimidation, handwriting financial documents, every excuse made to refuse to show bank statements, failure to provide the very basics, Any money given was described as ” spending money” not ” Expence money”. Holding a months rent back while i was starved. financial explotation, retalition lies defamation, non medical persons diagnoising. harrasement threats assumations blame cover up fraud slander obstruction of justice losing documentation placing my family in imment fear. abuse of power, false accusations. humilitating discriminating and hate targeting disabled families It should have been a red flag when Tom Ball a dad of 3 went to keene NH court lit himself on fire and died 6/11 because he and Family were also Judically tortured. his story on you Tube also burke the jerk.

  12. Kacy

    Oct 3, 2013 ” Hearing” 8th district court, Keene, NH 03431 20 minutes late. I HAD TO HITCHHIKE to this kangaroo court. even w doctors note regarding seat belt issue. Easter Seals now states, ” We are not obligated to provide you w transportationl” Sheryl Young administrator @ Easter Seals said. Forced to sign a document stating I will call Easter Seals by 3pm friday or Jordan MY 9 yr old terrified, confused daughter will not be transported. “no calls or demands from your groups will be accepted and thats that. Sheryl Young
    Mike Skhlar the court appointed attorney, assinged 7 months after the damage was done. All attempts to communicate with this atty is futile. He constantly asks ” hows your mental health. BOTH myself and daughter were labeled by Monadnock D Services as having such ” severe intellectual. and mental issues I was duped incompent by Sandra Metieiver the former ssi- di rep payee still defrauding families of theiir disability monies. protected by Judge Burke.

  13. Kacy

    OCT 3. 13 continued.
    Mike Shklar makes lame attempts to solve this ordeal. He was unable to stop getting 1 agency mixed up with another. While I sat there getting bashed by DCYF attorney stating I REFUSE TO COOPEERATE. when tore my life apart with lies, losing and refusing documentation, Using hearsay, assumptions, oponions.twisting everything I said into something grossly sexually perverted. fraudently stealing my daughter, out of retaliation for formally reporting the cruel abusive treatmentb of myself and my daughter. stating ” you are to stupid and disabled to homeschool yr daughter. getting a court order by judge burke to force my daughter back into the school she was abused @. Expelled 1/13

  14. kacy

    Oct 3, 13 Jordan had no contac w me 1,13-3-13. shawn driscoll dcyf fornd J ordans baby dad a complete stranger stating he had rights.while
    I had none. against my objecions I didnt want my daughter to get hurt again. it didnt matter. Driscoll stated He can go to any court and get full custody he dosent have neglect on him. I asked how did I NEGLECT my daughter? Your disability has a negative affect on her. the baby dad pushed me down a flight of stairs when I told him I was preg. Its not mine. I left. he nearly choked a woman to death has 5 other children he never paid child for any 1 of them. nh law a parent that has no contact w the child in 6 months gives up parental rights. not 9 yrs driscoll accused jordan of lifting her shirt to show her boobies. at her baby dads. he then said ” she is mad at you and wont talk to you” he went on when jordan was in a temp home ” she asked the foster mom to wash her private parts because it felt good” jordan is 9 she was never taught this disgusting perversion. Lies

  15. kacy

    Oct 3 13 this iis what dcyf does. this is sexuall harassment which i too received from DCyf. they follow no rules or laws. this is in the best interest of my daughter? sounds like humilation, discrimination. and blantant child abuse. Jordan was taken to NH state hospital restrained and medicated. In late March I got a call from Nashua -hildrens Home. 120 miles from Brattleboro Vt where I moved 4 my own survival. Mike Skhlar sat quietly When BURKE INSISTED i move back to Keene. said ” you havent been treated badly here. I was threatEned to have my parentiL rights terminated. THIS WILL KILL BOTH of us Burke should have recused himself when he refused to let me speak during a 540 protective order against a landlord that violated every fair housing law. after the 540 was denied i got a demand for rent . rent cks cashed.
    locked out. 10 yrs of our property put on the lawn w free sign. every motion denied evidence refused. credit destroyed. unable to get some documents. Is anyone outraged? kc a devoted mom

  16. kacy

    SHAME on you Lara the Easte Seals family “support” visitor person who iinstantly flipped the script while @ the boys/girls club in Brattleboro who came into the bathroom @ the club whiile MY daughter was assisting mom who was physically not well. MY relationship with my daughter is beautiful., loving, healthy, she brought up a memory from school when we would be locked in the elevator and then laughed @ because this was funny. I Said yeah thats a form of bullying and its mean. We went on to a different subject talking about how old the building is, I asked if she was ready to eat. LARA was giving me the ” evil stare” all of a sudden a complete personality change. Jordan was gathering her things and I was helping using a baseball bat for a cane. I recently have had 3 new fractures due to my severe ostoporosis, walking really hurts, pelvis and tailbone fractures. GOING down a steep flight of stairs there is no elevator @ the club. I hobbled to get Jordan Chicken I cooked for her. Lara said ” you were

  17. kacy

    Continued; “you were talking negatively in the bathroom about a school incident to your daughter you cant build a positive relationship talikng about a negative issue now I will have to be in the bathroom with you. I SAID we were discussing a moment that happened to us. If my daughter brings up something in her life that negative I will comfort her. I was trying to get lunch. Lara started texting. she then said ” you cant talk about negitive issues regarding school. nashua childrens home. Easter Seals. Or visits will be stopped. she wouldnt Stop I tryed to ignore this. Then she said “you have to play by the rules” you are to build a positive relationship w your daughter. I spoke ” I have a positive relationship with my daughter she has the right to tell me whatever is on her mind. If you think you are going to tell me what I can and cant discuss w my daughter you are out of line. My daughter is a person and you cant deny her to bring up a memory for God sakes. she then said ” you have 2 choices.

  18. kacy

    Continued” you can either stop talking about negative issues or you will be asked to leave i Am also responsible for the saftey of the other children. I spoke again the only 1 w a problem here is you. you are badgering me and you wont stop. you are so wrong. You are violatiing our 1st ammendment rights and using My daughter as a weapon. This has to stop now. SHE WENT and got the staff at the club And because my daughter is the property of the state of nh by total illegal means. I was Forced to leave the club. all in front of a large group of children bullying badgering.. violating our rights to speak, trying to keep my daughter away, humilitating, embarsing. abusing power, using fear force. my child, intimidation as a means scilence me and my daughter. I hugged my daughter and as I was going out she started in on Jordan saying ” stay away from your mom or I will call transport. I dont know what I should have done different. I AM CONCERNED ABOUT MY FAMILYS SAFTEY . THIS IS OVER KILL.. WHEN I GOT BACK to

  19. kacy

    I cryed real tears of so much hurt and hate my family continues to go through. I was able to find Aza. I received calls from 603 area code new hampshire. I did not pick up. My daughter is 9 years old and the only positive person to her is me her mom. I wrote her a note and gave it to her with the lycrics to our song. ” you raise me up”
    when I am down and oh my soul,so weary;when troubles come and my heart burdened be; then I am still and wait in the scilence,until you come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas,I am STRONG when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to be more than I Can be. There is no life. no life without its hunger; each restless heart beats so imperfectly.But when you come and I am filled with wonder ,sometimes i glimpse eternity. You raise me up to be more than I can be. My daughter will be provoked, deliberately abused, tortured. physicaly rstrained. humiliated and placed in isolation.

  20. kacy

    Because she is a child with a disability with a mom with a disability..A MOM that stepped up and reported school, agencies, cps. aps, the Keene new hampshiire local and state police, the housing authority, the city of Keene, and DHMC THE local hospital that kicks out disabled people that come in the ER in severe pain. they are immediatly labeled as drug seekers and drug abusers. I was kicked out with 3 verterbrea fractures in 2009 and accused of snorting drugs. I had a pill crusher w vitiman d and a princess wand that turned into a straw. my cigarette turned into pot.The truth covered up. I slipped in water and went airborn landing on my back.Sec 8 apartments were always oked by Fred Parsells regardless of major code violations. . and the 1 and only Judge @ the 8th district court in Keene, NH. for the bias and inhumanne treatment of the disabled in cheshire county. I reported fraud of social security, medicaid, Defamatation, AdA. FAIR HOUSING violations, ALL KINDS OF ABUSE BY RESPITE AND CAREGIVERS..

  21. kacy

    Judicial misconduct, exploitatiion, judicial kidnapping, cover ups and scams by Keene Police by orders of monadnock developmental services, Judge Burke.. retalation. so severe I almost died. WHEN A JUDGE SCILIENCES A PLAINTIFF. AND REFUSES EVIDENCE.PROTECTING A LANDLORD. the landlord allowed to retalitate by fraud, major fair housing violations, using friends to illegally Lock out a tenant who is just 3 months out of 2 major spine reconstruction surgeries. and throw the tenant on the street. What would the outcome be for the tenant who has a severely weak immunity, failed back surgery. is 50, malnurished. petit . Probably not good thats why 10 years of belongings were put on the lawn w a free sign. no police reports allowed, Forced to live in my car before that to was taken, while attempting to get medical attention, I had no food, sleep . shelter. money, from lock out 4/27/12 – 6/11/12, lost the ability to use legs, severe spine pain, exaustion.starvation. no shelter, hit the grid. Keene State police

  22. kacy

    Interrigated, intimidated. forced to sit in a hot car for over a hour, called my doctor., took my keys., asked the same questions over and over, sweat dripping,,legs back in severe pain, the lack of concern for human life to charge me with a crime of dwi later changed w out a hearing to reckless endangerment, forced to have a blood test. stand when i no longer able. impounded car. and set me crawling to the street. 2 days later I collapsed, woke in a intensive care unit with a ventilator, community aquired pneumonia. missed a hearing due to hospitalization, warrant by Judge Burke, in new hampshire a missed court is loss of license. didnt know.. Not allowed a lawyer again, no lawyer will take this bogus charge. I almost died . for blowing the whistle, .My family has been tortured. Judge Burke should be charged w attempted MURDER..along with several other crimes..My family is not safe.my Daughter is in danger and being held hostage in NH..STOP THIS..

  23. kacy christopher

    I would really appreciate if someone from this org would contact me. Aza Derman said she is no longer a advocate. If this is just another dead end. Have the respect and communicate.
    btw NATIONAL referrs to the entire country not to NY only. None of my calls e mails or tweets are being returned. I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful . I just need to know I dont have the time or energy to chase dead ends, if this was yr Family you would do whatever it takes to protect them, I MAY NOT MATTER to anyone but I do matter to my innocent 9 year old child I love dearly. She belongs with me I am her mom. it takes 5 minutes to make a phone call or send a e mail. I THINK this should go public. no one anywhere should ever be tortured like my family has been. We are victims of horrific hate crimes based on how we look. If I cant get support here, than I CAN GO ELSEWHERE. but dont leave me hanging by a thread. either you plan to help or not. communicate. I NEED TO END THIS attempted genocide. GoNE to far. k

    1. Sihar

      We have honestly tried to assist. Our lawyers were given your information. And you do matter kacie, but, there are some situations that we cannot handle. Your situation would have to be worked on a contingency basis with counsel. We don’t have the funds to pursue your case without assistance. We cannot find counsel that has jurisdiction in the areas needed. I’m sure that you are aware that cases of this nature require a lot of time and we have not just been sitting on your information. We tried Kacie. We apologize for not being able to assist. We wish you luck and truly hope that you can find an organization that can assist.

  24. kacy

    You all belong on your own WALL of Shame, you mislead with your advertisement as National, and your mission is a LIE. Shame on all of you, you make me vomit. You have taken the side of the oppressor.

  25. Kirsten Richards

    I agree they belong on their own wall of shame. They’re taking advantage of the disabled and veterans to make big money. They sell fake service dog credentials at a high price (5 times the average price) and use content they stole from my legitimate NON COMMERCIAL AND COPYRIGHTED service dog site to steal my search engine traffic.

    When they ignored my copyright violation notice, I contacted their ISP and Google. Going for the BBB next.

    Note: Their ISP is in Australia. They aren’t even Americans. Just after a quick buck.

  26. cynthia Washington

    A forum by invitation is being held for people who are funded for aged care or disability support.
    18th June 2014 time 5.30pm to 7.00 pm. The Capital Theatre View St Bendigo 3550 ALP member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan whom has to take some of the blame for reasons why people canot afford their heating costs because of poor planning and high costs and infrastructure.

    Dear Sir/Madam, I was handed an information sheet by those who are funded and cannot attend because of reasons being:
    They cannot afford the travel and carers to assist them.
    The building does not cater for those who have mobility aids and wheelchairs to the extent of the amount of people who they profess to be targeting the amount and audience.
    If everyone could afford a cab they would never all get there and they would have trouble fitting into the building and there are not enough taxis.
    The organisers who do they represent themselves or the people they claim.
    How much does that building cost to hire and would that money be better spent on providing other needs for those who have a disability if another building best suited and cheaper without huge cleaning costs.
    The time of the night is cold and this is often calling times for council changes of night attires, washes and meals for those who live at home independently. People with disabilities have a low immune system and catch a cold or bug easily so this time of night for them to be out is often not suited. Families and carers often are busy with their families, tea, sport and or pick up.
    I ask you to have a look. Those who are visually impaired have nothing they cannot even adjust the Bendigo Library card or Miki card to better recognition for those who are sight impaired. Public transport they are supposed to announce where each stop is, where they are and this is not happening.
    After interview with those who asked me to help.
    I will be ignored but I still will question for those who are unable to speak, who do these organisers represent?
    Who is paying for this occasions and the pamphlets for all people with disabilities who should be allegeable to some service that is also mentioned in the constitution.
    I say again you invite the people who have a disability to attend but the times are they for you or the persons you claim to invite they attend along with the venue.
    Written by a lady whom is upset with a disability but who was invited and teased because she is not able to attend not because there is no funding received by those who have organised this event for her but she is not able to go for above reasons. I also add the library needs to allocate more time for those with disability to use computers
    Cynthia Washington

  27. Leigh Anne La Londe

    Please help. I am in ssi, in an ada apartment. Building manager is creating a hostile environment for me, because I used to have a small job in the office, helping her with her paperwork, filing, typing, etc., 4 hours a week, for $64 a month. It was more like full time. She’d scream at me to “get down here right now” and not give me a choice on my days off. Everyone goes along with what she demands because she is just living hell if she does not get her way, and she has endless energy for pursuing her targets, once you are on the —- list. She spread lies about me to tenants, told them I smell bad and its because I have a disease, if you inhale the smell you’ll catch the disease. None of this is true, and I have case managers and therapists visiting my apartment regularly who will tell you that neither me nor my apartment smell. She is threatening me with eviction constantly over the condition of my apartment. My therapists say tthat the condition does not warrant the constant inspections, etc. She writes up my apartment as being a health threat to everyone who lives in, works in or visits this building. Therapist who was in my apartment 20 min after this inspection couldn’t understand why I was even being inspected. There is more. I am in pittsburgh pa, please call me 412.802.5596. Thank you.

  28. Sihar

    OMG Nadeem!!! I just saw your correspondence!!!!! I’m going to call you!!! MY number is 516-343-0158

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