Jun 02

Rights of a Disabled Veteran

Fernando Gaud is Darren Aquino’s uncle and a disabled veteran. Uncle Fernando, as we lovingly call him, suffers from mental illness due to a brain aneurysm. When he takes his medication is he coherent, mild mannered, a total gentleman. He was an amazing musician and artist. Unfortunately, he has been in the company of persons that have taken advantage of his condition, since, when he doesn’t take his medication, he is not fully aware of danger, monetary responsibility, or his health.

A Mr. Michael Costello and a Ms. Reba Wexlar have fully taken advantage of his condition, Ms. Wexler stopped giving him his medication, so he lost his apartment, and Mr. Costello, made himself, uncle Fernandos’ healthcare proxy, took his money and placed him in a nursing home, while his family looked for him for 2 years! Before uncle Fernando left his familiar surroundings and family and began to wander, he authorized Darren to be his guardian, his advocate rep. regarding veteran affairs and social security. All these documents are in tact.

We found him at the Riverdale Nursing home in Riverdale in the Bronx, NY. We have been trying to get him out and home and back to the VA for treatment. Since Mr. Costello has himself down as the proxy, we have been unable to have him released to us. Tomorrow, Monday, June 3, 2019, we are taking uncle Fernando, AMA and will be bringing him to the VA in the Bronx where he used to get his treatment, before he was stopped from taking his medication which made him wander, homeless and penniless. Mr. Gaud is cognizant, wants to be home with his family and is not being released, this is against his will, his dignity, his best interest. But, he will be back home since we have found him, Mr. Costello and Reba Wexler will be prosecuted for the horrible people that they are.

Please if you know of a veteran that has been or is being taken advantage of, call our organization, we will do whatever is needed to assist.


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