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Rest in peace Jimmy and thanks for what you gave us. may God give your son peace and strength during this very difficult time.

It’s time that SAG, the SAG awards specifically, recognize and acknowledge that there are many amazing disabled actors and now, shows that give us a glimpse of a disabled individual’s world, one show in particular, “Switched at Birth”.  I would love to sit and collaborate with you to discuss how the SAG awards can also honor actors with disabilites. Disablities have not been acknowledged really in the Acting profession. It would be ground breaking if you could present a venue for disabled actors as the administrator of the SAG awards. I will never forget how you accommodated me, I will be forever grateful.
I truly believe that acknowledging the disabled would go down in SAG history. Recognition would change the industry, it would definitely say something to casting agents, that disabled actors are honored and worthy of work.
When I worked in Law and Order SVU, Dick Wolf and Ted Kotcheff, were my crusaders, they listened, and due to their open mindedness and compassion, I was able to bring many disabled actors to work on the show. They should have been recognized for that. Ted even made an episode called “Disabled”.
Please embrace my ideas, not my request, let’s make great change for the disabled and for disabled actors in our industry.
I’m looking forward to speaking with you. My warmenst regards to you and your staff.
Darren Dione Aquino, National Chief Advocate
Advocates for Disabled Americans,Veterans,Police,Firemen & Families
p.s. Have to do this! Do you think I can try to get in the SAG award lottery again?

Casting agents are not sensitive to the fact that there are many disabled actors looking for work, in some cases, they may need handicapped accessibility due to the physical plant configuration, they may need an accommodation, and other services which should be afforded them as per the Constitution of the United States. When these very able actors do not get work even though they have a union card, and are able actors, it is a travesty.
There are always disabled individuals in the backdrop of a city like New York, or anywhere, but, I will use New York, due to its size and extreme diversity. There are individuals in wheelchairs rushing to work, individuals with guide dogs going for appointments, individuals with crutches, and the list goes on…Why is it then that when there are casting calls for background work, when a disabled individual is needed, the use of an able-bodied person playing a disability is chosen, when there are many “real” disabled actors that need work?
This issue was brought to the attention of Dick Wolfe and Ted Kotcheff by Darren Aquino while he was working on Law and Order SVU. They immediately took action. Disabled actors were hired for background work in this show and they continue to be hired.
There needs to be an awareness by casting agents and the like, that a disabled actor does not lack acting ability, he/she may lack other abilities, maybe due to a physical or other impairment, but this does not make the individual any less of an actor. Advocates for Disabled Americans, Veterans, Police, Firemen & Families will advocate for your rights as a disabled actor.
If we all promote disability awareness in this industry, we will not only gain many great actors, but we will add some humanity to an industry that portrays such in many a film.


  1. vinny margiotta

    good job you are doing for the disabled chief…

  2. Antoinette & Charlie Loggia

    Dear Darren:

    I cannot begin to tell you how proud of you we are. Simply put, all the wonderful changes you are making for this good cause.
    Amazing work you are doing.

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  5. Sihar


  6. Brandon Irizarry

    Good job Darren very well said!

    1. Sihar

      Thanks a lot brother!

  7. Ron C. Peck

    Dear Darren: Thank you for connecting with the Blind Judo Foundation. We appreciate your recognition as well as reaching out to connect. Our athletes are all blind or visually impaired. We introduce them to the sport of Judo with a select few actually qualifying as candidates for the US Paralympic (not to be confused with Special Olympics) Judo Team. We appreciate all you are doing for the betterment of others especially those with disabilities. Continue to make a difference. You are greatly appreciated. @blindjudo

    1. Sihar

      Thank you for all your hard work. Honor being recognized by your organization.

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