Jun 24

The Seasons of Emma-The Adventures of a Disabled Child

Using memories from his own childhood, Darren Dione Aquino, has written a children’s book, but,  not just any book. The First book is ” The Seasons of Emma”. These stories  will lead you into the heart of a strong, beautiful, little girl with special needs. You and your children will follow Emma in her adventures, her challenges, and of course, her many her successes, as she grows, makes friends and learns how to navigate the world of the “able-bodied”, where she will be accepted.

Emma will touch your heart. We honestly hope that after reading Emma’s stories you and your children will better understand disabilities and the role each of us plays in ensuring inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

Sihar Aquino is the illustrator, and together with Darren, as advocates for disabled, hope that they will be able to shed light into the world of children with disabilities. Please read the preface the book below:

The Seasons of Emma

The Seasons of Emma is a book about a very special little girl who has special needs. Emma was born with polio and club feet. We hope that her adventures will be an inspiration to all children and individuals with special needs.
We will have a series of books that will follow Emma, her friends and family, as she grows and experiences life and overcomes the challenges faced by children with disabilities.

This book is dedicated to several very special friends and family. Gary Melius, owner of the Oheka Castle, and his family and Pellegrino of Rao’s Restaurant and Joey and his staff.

These dear friends  are staunch supporters of individuals with disabilities. We cannot thank them for their belief in the strength of individuals with disabilities, for their respect of our ever growing population and especially for the opportunities they provide and share with our population.

Ralph (Sonny) Aquino, Darren’s father, inspired Darren to have endless hope, faith and to dream big. Sonny was there for all of Darren’s medical Procedures and encouraged Darren to feel like an able-bodied little boy.


Although Emma is a fictional character, the author and creator of this series, Darren Dione Aquino, has based the stories on his actual life. He is disabled and continues to face the challenges of his disabilities by assisting others. He is the CEO and founder of Advocates for Disabled Americans, Veterans, Police, Firemen & Families, a non-profit which provides advocacy to all disabled in every walk of life and any age group.
Although the Seasons of Emma and the series to follow is a children’s series, we hope that as you read our stories to your children, that they will enhance the awareness of the victories, challenges and needs of the disabled, to your whole family.

The numbers of disabled in the world are growing exponentially. The rate of Autism is at epidemic levels. The rate of childhood diabetes continues to rise. We might be aware of the medical names of the disabilities, such as,Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, visual and hearing impairments, mental and emotional impairments, and so, so many more. We apologize for not mentioning all. However,  we do hope that as we develop our series, that we will be able to capture the main ingredients needed to understand disabilities-RESPECT, COMPASSION, ADMIRATION.
As medical technology advances, we learn about new syndromes and conditions continually. However, knowing the heart of an individual with disabilities and to understand their victories and challenges  is what we hope to achieve with our series.




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