Dec 29

Advocates for Disabled Police Mourns the loss of Officer Ramos & Officer Lu

  Advocats for Disabled’s National chief, DARREN DIONE AQUINO,attended Officer Ramos’ services this past Saturday to show our support. Our deepest condolences to the families. We will attend Officer Lu’s services as well. Darren  is asking all Americans across the country that demand justice for all crimes, and we do that by starting here, starting now.
Police are not our adversaries, they are our support system. we need to weed out the bad and stand together and support what is right and just as a society.These 2 officers were assasinated without an opportunity to defend themselves.
Advocates for Disabled Americans, Veterans, Police, Firemen & Families is showing support for the 2 fallen officers assassinated in Brooklyn these are our uniformed police officers that protect our city streets nationwide, show your support since it may be your son or daughter who has the courage to put on the uniform to protect your community nationwide. Stand up for this brutal attack and show your support for your local police department. Americans coming together, we want justice for all crimes, we want justice for ERIC GARDNER, we want justice for Officer Ramos, Officer LU. We are a just society and the Mayor’s actions just arent’ good enough.
My borhter is a police officer in Nassau  County, I would be devastated if this happened to him. Please folks, imagine oif this were your son, daughter, sister or brother. We want justice for all crimes, so, folks, please go out and get a blue ribbon, wear it on your lapel, on your car, put it on your house. This is a national move for justice for all. We must show our police officers that we are law abiding citizens that we care about them.
We know that there are problems in every city agency, however, in every agency there are also men and women that are so honorable. We can’t allow the injustice to be justified. Today, wqe must stand as citizens across the country and say “no more” . We cannot allow our sons and daughter to get hurt. Our justice system fails us when we don’t prosecute the guilty, it also fails us when the just are not vindicated.

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