Jul 27

Advocate & Actor, Darren Dione Aquino Decides to Run for Mayor

Darren Dione Aquino, after receiving many requests from disabled veterans, disabled americans, has decided to run for Mayor of  NYC in 2017. New York is fed up with the leadership of Mayor Di Blasio.  Crime is at an all time high, there is rallying in the streets, unrest…..

Darren Aquino has a plan for NY , a plan that will economically stimulate NY, that will deal with housing for seniors, but first and foremost, will restore the trust between citizens and law enforcement. The city has not seen such bad leadership since Mayor Dinkins.

One of his plans will be to oversee local government agencies, in a letter to the Governor and President 8 months ago. He had a solution to implement a citizens community crisis advocate, that would have an unbiased ear to the governor and President,giving more control of government to  the citizens of NY, in times of crisis, such as the tragedy involving Eric Gardner.

The plans for  this vision for a greater New York will be fully disclosed as we draw near to the Mayoral election.

Plan #2 of a series of plans and visions-to restore NY to its greatness again, being the greatest city in the world. I will seek out the help of New Yorker and Presidential candidate Donald Trump. I will be approaching him now to stike a deal that will remove all homeless veterans from the streets of NY and open its doors to homeless veterans in surrounding states. It is a disgrace that any veteran be homeless, it is an abomination.

One of the thoughts would be to take over Pilgrim State Hospital, A NY State property and by community effort, coming together for our veterans, would I hope to be the first of many for our veterans, free housing. Those that would fall in the criteria, hoeless and disabled, I think would cover the cirteria! These veterans went with all intentions of giving their life for country and have come home broken and weathered by the storm of battle. Now, it’s up to us NY, to not forsake them and their patriotism, but to honor them for it.

I am Darren Dione Aquino, born and raised New Yorker, and I love New York, and I am announcing that I will run as a Mayoral candidate in 2017. Frank Sinatra said, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”, if he were to see the current affairs, he would change that chorus….

God Bless the United States of American and Our Troops.


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